[Soil Baker] Jeju Beer Cup (2 Varieties)


Soil Baker - Jeju Beer Mug

Unique Design, Beautiful Point

[Soil Baker] Jeju Beer Cup

We introduce a beautifully designed ceramic cup for serving cold beer.

This clay cup is made with white volcanic clay from Korea's Jeju Island. It's skinny at the base for a comfortable grip with a wide top for easy sipping. The top is also brushed with several thick lines of brown lacquer to characterize the natural earthy tones of Jeju Island.

If the unique design catches your eyes - like it did ours - buy a few and use it to serve beer, juice or water to your guests at home!

Available in 2 colors: Jeju Deep Brown Line & Jeju White

Product Highlights

  • A beautiful clay cup for serving beer, water or juice
  • Made with volcanic clay from Korea's Jeju Island
  • High-quality clay, firm texture and a unique design!
  • Available in 2 colors: Jeju Deep Brown Line & Jeju White


Available Colors & Dimension



Color: Jeju Deep Brown Line // Jeju White

Dimension: Diameter 8.5 cm // Height: 13 cm // Volume: 350ml

Product faq

Q: How do I wash this?
Q: Is this made with clay from Jeju?
Q: What country is this made in?

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About The Brand

SoilBaker is a Korean ceramics producer that creates beautiful and functional pieces for the modern kitchen. For this collection, they partnered with a NY-based restaurant called Jeju Noodle Bar to create custom serving ware - drawing inspiration from Korea's Jeju Island

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