[Soil Baker] Jeju Deep Rectangle Plate


[Soil Baker] Jeju Rectangular Tray

For Plating Kimbap & Sushi Rolls

[Soil Baker] Jeju Deep Rectangle Plate

It's simple with a clean design - a rectangular plate with just the right amount of depth to beautifully plate kimbap, sushi or grilled fish.

Soil Baker's Jeju Deep Rectangle Plate is all about focusing your attention. It's width is limited - so your eyes travel along the length of the dish. This makes it perfect for plating tall-and-skinny foods like kimbap, sushi rolls and grilled fish.

The plate is made with volcanic clay from Korea's Jeju Island. It is durable, heavy and masterfully-crafted to leave an impression. If you're looking for a unique piece to plate tall and skinny foods, consider this one.

Available in 2 colors: Jeju White & Jeju Black 

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Product Highlights

  • Beautiful rectangular plate for serving kimbap, sushi or grilled fish!
  • Made with volcanic clay from Korea's Jeju Island
  • High-quality clay, firm texture and a unique design!
  • Available in 2 colors: Jeju White & Jeju Black


Plate Kimbap & Sushi Rolls
Plate Grilled Fish
Plate Veggies & Banchan
Dimension & Color

Color: Jeju White // Jeju Black 

Length: 28 cm // Width: 9 cm // Height: 3 cm

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Q: How do I wash this?
Q: Is this made with clay from Jeju?
Q: What country is this made in?

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About The Brand

SoilBaker is a Korean ceramics producer that creates beautiful and functional pieces for the modern kitchen. For this collection, they partnered with a NY-based restaurant called Jeju Noodle Bar to create custom serving ware - drawing inspiration from Korea's Jeju Island

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