[Soil Baker] Mini Korean Hangari Pot

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[Soil Baker] Mini Korean Hangari Pot

Store Salt & Leftover Seasoning

[Soil Baker] Mini Korean Hangari Pot

This is one of those Korean kitchen items that are simply too cute!

It's a mini-sized Hangari Pot.

Hangari Pots are large clay fermentation pots that are used in Korea to ferment large batches of doenjang or gochujang paste.

A drive along the countryside roads in Korea and you'll see rows of these massive pots in yards and near homes.

Soil Baker offers this iconic pot into modern kitchens - but a mini size.

Use the Mini Hangari Pot to store...

Salt, Spices or leftover Soy Sauce Marinades.

Or use it as a decorative piece on your dining table - and place in a few tea bags!

Use it creatively - it's a piece that symbolizes traditional Hansik (Korean Food).

Available in White or Black.

Note: As mentioned, this is a mini-sized Hangari (roughly the size of an apple/orange).

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Product Highlights

  • Mini Hangari Pots - for storing sea salts, cabinet spices, tea bags or marinades
  • Add a touch of traditional Korea to your home kitchen/table setup
  • Made with premium Korean clay - designed & baked in Seoul
  • Available in White or Black
[Soil Baker] Mini Hangari Pot

Midam Mini Hangari Pot

Color: White or Black

Mini Hangari Pot: (W) 9.5 cm x (H) 7.5 cm

Mini Hangari Pot: (W) 9.5 cm x (H) 2.5 cm

(About the size of an orange)

Use it to serve and style Korean banchan.

Or to serve dipping sauces...  use the lid!

Or for storing salt & spices.

(Also looks nice for storing tea bags)

Hangari provides Korean flair to your kitchen table/pantry.

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About The Brand

SoilBaker is a Korean ceramics producer that creates beautiful and functional pieces for the modern kitchen. For this collection, they partnered with a NY-based restaurant called Jeju Noodle Bar to create custom serving ware - drawing inspiration from Korea's Jeju Island.

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