[Soil Baker] Sando Hansik Set (5-pieces)

[Soil Baker] Sando Hansik Set

Creamy Glaze, Earthy Hue

[Soil Baker] Sando Hansik Set (5-piece)

Today, we present to you with Soil Baker's signature Sando Hansik set. Soil Baker is a ceramic designer and maker based in Seoul. Many high-end chefs work with Soil Baker to create custom serving ware for their restaurants. 

With the Sando line, Soil Baker wanted to showcase the natural beauty of Korean clay. To keep the earthy texture of clay clearly visible in the design. Each piece is coated with a light creamy glaze, while the inner rim is left unglazed to give a nice contrast in texture.

This Sando Set comes with everything you need for a proper Hansik meal. Two separate bowls for rice and soup. A plate for a main banchan and a mini plate for a secondary banchan. It even comes with a cute round bowl for dessert! Perfect for some fruit (...or a scoop of ice cream).

If you're looking to serve your Korean meals with a special touch, consider this signature Sando Set by Soil Baker!

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Product Highlights

  • Personal Hansik Set to plate homecooked Korean dishes
  • Set comes with 1 rice bowl, 1 soup bowl, 2 banchan plates and 1 dipping plate
  • Showcase the natural beauty and texture of Korean clay
  • Perfect for plating Korean food in a beautiful way!
  • Available in 3 colors: Sando White, Green &  Black
[Soil Baker] Sando Hansik Set

The Sando collection is made with white clay from Korea.

It's offered in a white, green or black collection.

The outer room of the plates are left uncolored, revealing an earthy, snack-like color.


Rice Bowl 1P, Soup Bowl 1P, Banchan Plate 2P, Dipping Plate 1P

The collection offers all the necessary plates for a 1-person Hansik meal. 

What's included in the set?

A total of 5 pieces

1. Dipping Plate  1P

2. Banchan Plate 2P

3. Rice Bowl 1P

4. Soup/Stew Bowl 1P


Fresh cream color - perfect for plating any dish.


Green Tea Latte Color - Soft, Pastel Color for Styling Dishes


Matte Black - For a Premium Look & Feel


These plates were designed for use in restaurants - they're built sturdy (fired & baked at 1250°C).

They are safe for use in both dishwashers & microwave.


Each dish is molded with natural clay from the earth, coated with glaze and then fired at 1250°C.

Since there are many variables in the production process, there may be slight differences in color, texture, size. 

Think of it as similar to baking bread - each loaf is never the same!

(These slight imperfections, smudges, discoloration or equivalent do not qualify as a damaged good)

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About The Brand

Soil Baker is a Korean ceramics producer that creates beautiful and functional pieces for the modern kitchen. For this collection, they partnered with a NY-based restaurant called Jeju Noodle Bar to create custom serving ware - drawing inspiration from Korea's Jeju Island

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