[Ssanggye] Classic Korean Tea Sampler Box


[Ssanggye] Classic Korean Tea Sampler Box 

Sample 9 Classic Korean Teas

[Ssanggye] Classic Korean Tea Sampler Box

Today, we present a beautifully packaged sampler that contains 9 different types of Korean tea.

Each of the ingredients are cultivated in Korea, with a majority of them being grown on the pristine ridges of Mt. Jirisan (near Ssanggyesa Temple).

The owner and CEO - Mr Kim Dong Goon - has been growing tea leaves in Mt. Jirisan for many decades. He cultivates and harvests them the traditional way and directly inspects each batch for color, aroma and taste. These premium grade leaves are then carefully sorted and packaged into signature teas.

You can sample 9 classic Korean teas: Oriental Raisin Tree, Persimmon Leaf Tree, Mulberry Leaf Tea, Korean Plum Tea, Korean Burdock Tea, Chrysanthemum tea, Hydrangea Tea, Bellflower Tea and Organic Green Tea.

The set includes caffeine-free teas - so you can wind-down into the night with a book in hand!

Customer Reviews

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BTC M. (Virginia, United States)
Great job with all!

We sent to one of our main clients and it made for a great relationship building gift for the Lunar New Year. Thank you!

Mirjami S. (Uusimaa, Finland)

Well packaged and beautiful, even came with a lovely handwritten greeting. Gave as a gift and received no complaints.

Maggi S. (England, United Kingdom)
Classic Korean Tea Sampler

I am a big tea drinker and love the slightly bitter taste of the Oriental Raisin Tree and the Persimmon Leaf Tea. The Bellflower Tea and the Korean Burdock Tea have a deep earthy taste which I found quite pleasant. One of my favourite teas so far, is the Chrysanthemum Tea. I have yet to try the others but no doubt they too will be delicious.

Matt D. (England, United Kingdom)
Beautiful selection, wonderful gift

Everything arrived so well packaged and protected. Service care was great. This allowed me to buy from the uk and get things delivered that I had seen on my trip to Korea and not carry in my luggage for fear of damages.

Product Highlights

  • Beautiful sampler box, containing 9 different Korean herbal teas
  • Each of the ingredients are grown in Korea (not imported from other countries)
  • Tea Leaves are harvested the traditional way and cured by experienced Korean artisan
  • Perfect as a gift to friend or work colleague!

What's inside the sampler box? 

(1) Oriental Raisin Tree, (2) Persimmon Leaf Tree, (3) Mulberry Leaf Tea, (4) Korean Plum Tea, (5) Korean Burdock Tea, (6) Chrysanthemum tea, (7) Hydrangea Tea, (8) Bellflower Tea (9) Organic Green Tea 

1. Oriental Raisin Tree

Amount: 1g x 5 bags
Ingredients (Origin): Raisin Tree (Korea), Pine (Korea), Brown Rice (Korea)
Taste: Oriental Raisin tree is thoroughly washed and roasted. Has a pleasant taste with slightly bitter tones. 

2. Persimmon Leaf Tea

Amount: 1g x 5 bags
Ingredients (Origin): Permission Leaf (Korea)
Taste: Made from carefully harvested persimmon leaves. Sweet & slightly-bitter (does not contain caffeine)

3. Mulberry Leaf Tea

Amount: 1g x 5 bags
Ingredients (Origin): Mulberry Leaf (Korea)
Taste: Made with the young leaves on the branches of the Mulberry Tree.  Savory and tasty (does not contain caffeine).

4. Korean Plum Tea

Amount: 0.5g x 5 bags
Ingredients (Origin): Green Tea Leaves (Korea), Korean Plum (Korea), Brown Rice (korea)
Taste: Made from hand-picked Korean green plums (maesil) - floral scent, followed with rice and green tea flavor 

5. Korean Burdock Tea

Amount: 1g x 5 bags
Ingredients (Origin): Burdock Root (Korea), Brown Rice (Korea)
Taste: Strong herbal & earthy flavor. However, the back taste is not bitter (can drink like water)

6. Chrysanthemum Tea

Amount: 1g x 5 bags
Ingredients (Origin): Chrysanthemum (Korea)
Taste:  The flower is quickly blanched, then naturally-dried. Has a subtle yet calming aroma (perfect for drinking before going to bed).

7. Hydrangea Tea

Amount: 1.2g x 5 bags
Ingredients (Origin): Hydrangea Leaf (Korea), Stevia Leaf (Korea), Brown Rice (Korea)
 Taste: Starts with an aromatic scent of Hydrangea, followed by savory brown rice, and topped off with scent of stevia 

8. Bellflower Tea

Amount: 0.7g x 5 bags
Ingredients (Origin): Bellflower Root (Korea)
Taste: Deep, earthy flavor of bellflower roots (tastes great with a splash of honey)

9. Organic Green Tea

Amount: 1.2g x 5 bags
Ingredients (Origin): Organic Green Tea (Korea)
Taste: Made with premium-grade green-tea leaves - has a clean, light and very soothing taste!

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Q: Where are the ingredients for each tea grown?

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About The Brand

Ssanggye specializes in premium-grade tea leaves. The owner and tea connoisseur- Mr. Dong Gon Kim - was raised in Mt. Jirisan and began harvesting tea leaves at a very young age. He uses only Korean-grown ingredients for his teas. Ssanggye is labelled as premium-grade tea and sold in Korean department stores. 

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