[Ssanggye] Royal Ssanghwa Tea (1 Month Box)

[Ssangye] Ssanghwa Tea Box

Premium Quality, Medicinal Tea

[Ssanggye] Royal Ssanghwa Tea

This is one of Sanggye's premium teas - Royal Ssanghwa Tea! 

Ssanghwa Tea (쌍화차) is a traditional Korean tea that's been part of Korean cuisine since the Joseon Dynasty.

It was enjoyed in the morning and evenings - by the Royal Court - for its bodywarming & re-energizing properties. 

Take a sip and you'll feel a slight warming sensation in your body - we highly recommend for elderly whose bodies tend to feel cold.

It's made by boiling down a number of Korean medicinal herbs: 

White Woodland Peony (백작약 - 白芍藥), Dried Lovage Roots (천궁 - 川芎), Mongolian Milkvetch (황기 - 黃芪), Korean Angelica (당귀 - 當歸), Rehmannia ( 숙지황 - 熟地黃), Chinese Liquorice ( 감초 - 甘草)

Ssangye sources these ingredients within Korea - in fact, hand selected for premium quality.

The tea packets also contain slices of dried jujube and pine nuts for that original taste.

Consider this premium tea collection for your parents/grandparents and give them a reminder of the old tea houses (dabang - 다방) in Korea. 

Note: If the tea is slightly bitter (or strong), you can drop in some honey.

1 Tea Box contains 30 packs (1-month supply).

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Product Highlights

  • Premium Royal Ssanghwa Tea - deep flavor, traditional taste!
  • Traditional herbs  are grown locally in Korea (Mt. Jirisan) - premium quality
  • Packaged in a beautiful box - perfect for gifting parents & grandparents
  • 1 Box contains 30 tea packets (1 month supply)
  • Sample one of Korea's Best Ssanghwa Teas
[Ssanggye] Royal Ssanghwa Tea
(Gift Box)

Feel the vitality and warmth of Mt. Jirisan

(Select ingredients grown in pristine Mt. Jirisan)

Set contains 6 boxes - each with 5 packets 

Total of 30 packets (1 month supply)

Tea packets contains dried mix of traditional medicinal ingredients

Also includes jujube slices & pine nuts

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About The Brand

Ssanggye specializes in premium-grade tea leaves. The owner and tea connoisseur- Mr. Dong Gon Kim - was raised in Mt. Jirisan and began harvesting tea leaves at a very young age. He uses only Korean-grown ingredients for his teas. Ssanggye is labelled as premium-grade tea and sold in Korean department stores. 

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