[Ssanghwa Tea Room] Korean Cinnamon Tea (Sujeonggwa)


Warming, Balanced Cinnamon Tea

[Ssanghwa Tea Room] Korea Cinnamon Tea - Sujeonggwa

Today, we introduce Korean Sujeonggwa (Cinnamon Tea).

The gently-sweet, warming and rejuvenating Sujeonggwa is made with cinnamon, ginger & honey.

It can be enjoyed as tea or served chilled with crushed ice.

And it's traditionally consumed after meals to aid in digestion.

(Note: If you've been served a sweet cinnamon punch at the end of your meal at a Korean restaurant, it was this drink - Sujeonggwa)

The base combination of cinnamon and ginger makes for a spicy flavor.

But rest assured - the spice is not overbearing.

It's balanced at the right ratio with granules of natural honey.

We think it's a great choice for first-timers - will be impressed with the taste.

How is this tea mixture made?

Cinnamon sticks, ginger and honey are each boiled into an essence. The liquid extracts are dehydrated, then grated into small granules.

These small granules release more concentrated flavor (as opposed to powder form).

To make Sujeonggwa, pour-in 1 spoonful (measuring cup provided) of the tea mixture into a mug. Then pour-in 3/4 cup of hot water (add more if it tastes too strong).

Then optionally, add in a drizzle of organic honey - but that’s up to you!

This is one of our favorite teas to drink during cold nights or when you're feeling under the weather!

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Product Highlights

  • Natural Korean Cinnamon Drink - Sujeonggwa!
  • Made with only 3 natural ingredients: Cinnamon (70%), Ginger Extract (20%), Wild Honey (10%)
  • Deep flavor - warming & comforting tea
  • Available in 340g container
Korean Cinnamon Tea

Tea mixture comes in small-sized, granular droplets - dissolves instantly in water!

How are the droplets made?

Premium-grade cinnamon sticks, honey and ginger are each boiled into an essence liquid - then completely dehydrated and finely grated into granular droplets

These droplets release a deeper flavor (than powder) when dissolved

To make traditional Korean Cinnamon Tea (Sujeonggwa), simply mix a spoonful with hot water

To make Iced Sujeonggwa Punch, mix with cold water + crushed ice

This Sujeonggwa Tea has a balanced flavor - mixture includes granules of natural honey

This tea is not overly spicy!

How to: Korean Cinnamon Tea

1. Use the measuring spoon (that's included) and pour-in one spoonful into a cup

2. Then add 3/4 cup of boiling water (add more if too strong).

3. Drizzle-in a touch of honey into the tea (optional, but recommended)

4. Taste it - add more water if it's too strong

Who makes the tea?

"Hi everybody!

We're the makers of this Ssanghwa Tea. 

So what's makes our Ssanghwa tea different?

We use 9 Hanyak (Korean medicinal) ingredients. The ingredients are blended with a ratio passed down from the old days.

Each ingredient is sourced directly from local growers. And roasted individually to create a deep, and holistic flavor. 

If you feel a cold coming on, make yourself a cup of Ssanghwa Tea!"

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