[Ssanghwa Tea Room] Ssanghwa Medicinal Tea

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[Ssanghwa Tea Room] Ssanghwa Medicinal Tea

Traditional聽Herbal Medicine Tea

[Ssanghwa Tea Room] Ssanghwa Medicinal Tea

During聽the late 80's and early 90's (before the coffee era) - there were many聽tea rooms in Korea that served herbal tonics like Ssanghwa Tea.

Ssanghwa Tea has been part of Korean life for thousands of years -聽made with natural herbal ingredients as a therapeutic, energizing beverage.

It helps to bring the body back to a balanced state of equilibrium - especially when facing聽general聽fatigue, cold symptoms or mild illness.

This therapeutic tea is still widely consumed in Korea.聽

Ssanghwa Tea Room offers one of Korea's Best Ssangwha Teas.

Their blend is聽made聽with 9 premium Korean medicinal聽ingredients:聽

Peony, Cnidium Officinale, Hu谩ng Q铆, Dang Gui, Rehmannia Root, Liquorice, Cinnamon, Jujube, Dried Ginger

Each herbal ingredient聽is聽hand-checked for聽premium quality and roasted to bring out a strong flavor.

So what does it taste like?

Ssanghwa Tea聽has a聽strong herbal medicine taste.

It tastes earthy with a layer of cinnamon and jujube tones -聽and a聽slightly bitter after taste.

You'll also enjoy the nutty聽taste聽of聽the sesame seeds as well as the slight sweetness聽from the jujubes slices that float on top of the聽tea.

We highly recommend drizzling a small amount of honey to balance out the overall herbal taste.

If you're the type that's always catching a cold聽when the weather changes聽- give this medicinal tea a try!

The taste will be strong (and perhaps strange) at first, but you'll聽appreciate聽the warmth that arises from inside your body.

Available in Original Flavor & Premium Flavor (which has a stronger taste).

Customer Reviews

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Nathalie (Flanders, Belgium)

It鈥檚 not only good for you, it鈥檚 also delicious. There鈥檚 a hint of ginger and it鈥檚 slightly sweet, but neither are too much. Will order again.

Henri M. (Centre-Val de Loire, France)
SSanghwa tea !

I discovered Ssanghwa tea in Korea 3 years ago. I bought some to take with me in Europe. I love the taste, it's not usual. You won't forget it.
As we can't much travel, one month ago I went online to find it and I was lucky that Gochujar export it to Europe. I ordered a green pack and when it arrived home - without problem - I was able to enjoy this lovely medicinal tea I drink now every morning. I know I will buy it again soon and the pink one too. So lovely. Am so happy, really.

MA (Ontario, Canada)
Second time ordering

This is my second time ordering the Ssanghwa Tea Room medicinal tea, and I got both kinds. The regular one (green label) is sweeter and more gingery tasting, and there's also more almond in it. The premium one (pink label) is less sweet and more medicinal tasting, but not so strong that it would deter people from drinking it. I like both!

MA (Singapore)
Delicious and comforting

I'm really happy with this purchase. I didn't find the medicinal taste too strong, and I found it sweet enough without adding extra honey. When I feel chilly, drinking a cup of this tea is comforting.

Product Highlights

  • Korean Medicinal Tea used to treat fatigue, cold symptoms and fatigue
  • Traditional tea is produced by tea artisans in Yangpyeong - not mass produced in a factory!
  • Tea blend includes... 9 medicinal herbal ingredients 
  • Drink this tea when you have a cold - it will warm-up your body!
  • Available in Original (Green) or Premium (Red)
Ssanghwa Medicinal Tea

9 herbal ingredients are first boiled:

Peony, Cnidium Officinale, Hu谩ng Q铆, Dang Gui, Rehmannia Root, Liquorice, Cinnamon, Jujube, Dried Ginger

The boiled extract is then dried and powderized - along with nuts & jujubes.

Mix with hot water for a therapeutic, warming tea.

Instructions for Ssanghwa Tea

1. Use the measuring spoon (that's included) and pour-in one full spoonful into a cup.

2. Pour-in 1/2 a cup of boiling water.

3. Drizzle-in a touch of honey into the tea (optional but recommended)

4. Taste - add more water if it's too strong

How is it advertised in Korea?

"Hi everybody.

We're the makers of this Ssanghwa Tea. 

So what's makes this tea different?

We use 9 Hanyak (Korean medicinal) ingredients. The ingredients are blended with a ratio passed down from the old days.

Each ingredient is sourced directly from local growers. And roasted individually to create a deep, and holistic flavor. 

If you feel a cold coming on, make yourself a cup of Ssanghwa Tea!"

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