[Tackaon] Goyou Solo Korean Dining Set (7pcs)

[Tackaon] Solo Single Set

Korean Porcelain, Modern Hues

[Tackaon] Goyou Solo Korean Dining Set

Today, we introduce a new signature, Korean ceramic set by Tackaon.

It’s named Goyou (고유), which means innate or inherent.

The concept is to showcase the innate, unchanging beauty of Korean porcelain in modern colors.

The deep-green hue grabbed our attention!

But the red-brown and navy each have their own merits...

The 1-Person Goyou Set comes with 7 pieces:

  • Rice Bowl 
  • Soup Bowl
  • Chopstick Holder
  • Cup
  • Banchan Plate (S)
  • Banchan Plate (M)
  • Banchan Plate (L)

The set comes with the essentials for plating Hansik (Korean meal).

The set is offered in 5 color combinations: All-White, Dark-Grey Combo, Red-Brown Combo, Deep-Green Combo, Navy Combo.

Details listed below on the color of each piece.

If you're looking for a premium porcelain set for plating Korean Hansik, this is it!

Each piece is made in Korea. 

[Gochujar Editor Note: We’ve been using the Goyou Series in our Youtube video recipes. It looks great in real life but also pops on film!]

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Product Highlights

  • A premium, modern Korean porcelain set for daily Korean meals
  • Simple lines & smooth contour design
  • Available in 6 color combinations - beautiful design!
  • Made in Korea, designed by Korean Ceramics Master
[Tackaon] Goyou Solo Dining Set

Tackaon's Goyou Solo Dining Set (7pcs)

Goyou (고유) means "innate" in Korean

This GOYOU series is one artist's approach to showcasing the innate beauty of Korean ceramics in modern colors

 01. All-White

All pieces are white 

02. Dark-Grey Combo

Banchan Plate (S), Chopstick Holder, Cup - Dark Grey

Rice & Soup Bowl - White

Banchan Plan (M), Banchan Plate (L) - Light Grey

03. Red-Brown Combo

Banchan Plate (S), Chopstick Holder, Cup - Red Brown

Rice & Soup Bowl - White

Banchan Plan (M), Banchan Plate (L) - Light Grey

04. Deep-Green Combo

Banchan Plate (S), Chopstick Holder, Cup - Deep Green

Rice & Soup Bowl - White

Banchan Plan (M), Banchan Plate (L) - Light Grey

05. Navy Combo

Banchan Plate (S), Chopstick Holder, Cup - Navy

Rice & Soup Bowl - White

Banchan Plan (M), Banchan Plate (L) - Light Grey

"My personal set for Hansik - Korean Meals"

Simple lines & smooth contour design

Presentation adds extra flavor - present Korean dishes in an appetizing way

Choose a color combo that best represents your style

With the right ceramics, you can elevate the home-dining experience


After a long period of research & testing, Tackaon has developed its own glaze and clay mixture for porcelain-making

Each piece undergoes manually crafting by a Korean Ceramics Master

The clay pieces are fired using traditional Korea techniques at 1300°C

The outcome is a unique glossy look, with a sense of focus






- NAVY -

Designed by ceramics master, Seungyong Song

Packaged with care - gift friends & family!

The bottom of the pieces are stamped with a gold logo - high quality look & feel


Making porcelain involves manual processes - there may be minor differences in color & sheen

Minor stains, specks, bubbles or residual glaze flow marks do not qualify as "damaged" items

Be careful when using stainless steel cutlery - it may leave scratches or marks if used vigorously

Safe to use in microwaves and dishwashers - but do NOT use in ovens

Product faq

Hand-wash with warm water, soap and kitchen sponge. Completely dry with a towel before storing. You can also wash in a dishwasher.

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