[Tackaon] Korean Stainless Steel Chopstick Set (4-Person & 6-Person Set)


[Tackaon] Korean Chopsticks

Stainless Steel, Modern Design

[Tackaon] Korean Stainless Steel Chopstick Set (2-Person & 4-Person Set)

Korean chopsticks are starkly different from the chopsticks used in China, Japan or other Asian countries.

Unlike China, Japan, Vietnam and Thailand whose chopsticks are primarily made of wood (or bamboo), Korean chopsticks have been traditionally made with iron and in modern days, stainless steel.

From the early Bronze age, metal craftsmanship has played a central role in the history of Korean crafts - which is why it's become the preferred material for everyday utensils. 

Another difference: Korean chopsticks are flat - not round (or square) like other Asian chopsticks. They lay flat on the table, without rolling around.

Today, we present a set of stainless steel chopstick set that is beautifully designed - with a modern flair.

Take a look at the spoon design! It has a simple but unique head that is well proportioned to the long body. It doesn't feel too heavy in your hands either.

Just right for everyday Korean meals. 

The utensils come in 2 different finishes: Matte & Glossy. The matte is non-reflective whereas the glossy is reflective - like a mirror.

(If you're having trouble deciding, we prefer the matte one!)

If you're cooking Korean food regularly in your home, invest into a set of stainless steel chopsticks.

Made in Korea - they last for a lifetime!

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Product Highlights

  • Beautiful set of stainless steel spoon & chopsticks for eating Korean meals
  • Made locally in Korea with stainless steel (not imported from China!)
  • Available in Matte or Glossy (Reflective)
  • Set offered in bundles of 4 or 6

- Glossy vs. Matte - 

Option 1: Glossy (Reflective)

Option 2: Matte (Non-Reflective)

- Dimension & Details - 

Length is slightly longer than usual - purposely designed to make it easier to grab Korean foods.

The brand is printed at the base of the spoon & chopsticks

Unique and modern design

Image above: Glossy Set (Reflective)

Image above: Matte Set (Non-reflective)

Image above: Matte Set (Non-reflective)

Meet the Designer

Meet the designer of the chopstick set, Seungyong Song

• Awarded Gold by iF DESIGN AWARD

 • Selected as Forbes 2030 Future Power Leader in Design

• First Korean to be featured as a designer in Art Basel Miami


1. From the manufacturing process, there may be small scratches, blemishes or imperfections on the utensils - this does not qualify as a "damaged' item for refund.

2. When washing the glossy (reflective) utensils, use the smooth side of the dishwasher sponge to prevent scratching the reflective surface. 

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About The Brand

Tackaon is a Korean ceramics company that designs simplistic, modern kitchenware. They use earthy tones with minimal shapes and patterns. Their product list includes dishes, bowls, traditional Ttukbaegi and more.

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