[Tackaon] Soju & Sake Serving Set


Handy-Size, Minimal, Beautiful

[Tackaon] Soju & Sake Serving Set

Today, we present Tackaon's Soju & Sake Serving Set. It's a beautifully designed ceramic bottle for serving soju or sake. The spout has an inclined slant that makes liquids pour-out smoothly and calmly.

We think it's great to bring out when you're having a late-night drink with your partner. Simply ready the soju or sake in this ceramic piece and create a more cozy, inviting ambiance for deep discussions.

This Serving Set comes with 1 Bottle and 2 Shooter Glasses. Each piece is handmade by highly-experienced ceramic artisans in Korea. Select from four colors: Light-Grey, Blue, Pink & Dark-Grey.

Customer Reviews

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Peter (New York, United States)
Beautiful Soju Set

Go this set as a gift. The set arrived well packaged and with my added personalized note! Very beautiful color and shape.

Product Highlights

  • Beautifully designed servingware for sake or soju
  • 100% handmade by local Korean artisans
  • Pieces are crafted with high-quality Korean clay and baked at ultra-high temperature 1250°C
  • Set comes with 1 Bottle & 2 Shooter Glasses 
  • Available in 4 colors: Light Grey, Blue, Pink & Dark Grey
What's included in the set?

1 Bottle + 2 Ceramic shot glasses

Available in: Light Grey | Blue | Dark Grey | Pink

- Light Grey -

- Blue -

- Dark Grey -

- Pink -

Bottle Dimensions

W: 8.5 cm | L: 7.5 cm | H: 18.5 cm 

Volume: 400 ml

Material: Ceramic

Shooter Dimensions

W: 5.5 cm | L: 5 cm | H: 6 cm 

Volume: 40 ml

Material: Ceramic

Close-up View

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Q: What's included in the set?
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About The Brand

Tackaon is a Korean ceramics company that designs simplistic, modern kitchenware. They use earthy tones with minimal shapes and patterns. Their product list includes dishes, bowls, traditional Ttukbaegi and more.

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