[Terarosa Coffee] Coffee Drip Bag Sampler

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[Terarosa Coffee] Drip Bag Coffee

Crown Jewel of Hand-Drip

[Terarosa Coffee] Coffee Drip Bag Sampler

One of my favorite places to take new visitors in Seoul is Terarosa Coffee. (We love the POSCO branch).

Terarosa Coffee is the crown jewel of hand-drip coffee in Korea!

Terarosa distinguishes itself from global giants like Starbucks and local Korean chains like Twosome Place by focusing on premium, hand-dripped coffees.

Originally, the founder started by selling coffee beans that he procured from overseas farms to hotels, upscale restaurants and standalone gourmet coffee shops in Seoul.

As the appetite for freshly-roasted premium coffees grew, he decided to establish his own line of cafes.

And boy, did he do a good job!

Each of their locations are designed beautifully. Part of their concept is to infuse breathing space. That translates to extra-high ceilings, long tables and minimal design. With so much breathing space, its easy to relax and think.

Now, back to the coffee.

It's the brand policy to serve coffee from top-grade beans that have been roasted within a week from its large roastery in Ganenug.

As such, the quality of their coffee is noticeably difference.

Their cafes have grown quite popular, and many customers buy a drip-bag to-go for friends and families.

Today, we offer a sampler box that contains two of their latest signature blends (10 bags in total).

Pour yourself a fresh cup and get a great start to the day!

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Product Highlights

  • Sample Korea's Best Drip-Coffee Cafe
  • Premium blended coffee drip bags - aromatic, perfectly roasted and deeply satisfying!
  • 1 Sampler Box contains 2 different signature blends 
  • Works well as a mini-gift to friends, family and colleagues!


Colombia Blend

fruity, bright acidity, spice

Cherry Blossoms Blend

Spring Blend

Brazil Blend

hazelnut, walnut, sugar cane, cedar

Guatemala Pedro

milk chocolate, cherry, caramel, good balance

The sampler box includes a selection of 2 blends. It may include a blend from the list metioned above + a new signature blend.

Selection depends on the season and/or availability.

- Video tour of Terarosa's Cafe -

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