[The Haru] Simple Artisan Chips (10 Types)

[The Haru] Simple Artisan Chips (10 Types)

Simple, Delicious & Healthy

[The Haru] Simple Artisan Chips

Today, we introduce delicious chips from a Korean artisan company, The Haru.

Their concept is simple.

Healthy Chips. Natural Vegetables. Simple Ingredients.

We first tried their purple sweet potato chips and absolutely loved its texture!

The chips are perfectly crispy and crunchy, producing a delicious crunchy bite.

Best of all, the ingredients list is simple.

No artificial additives. No preservatives. No chemical coloring or flavoring.

If you want to snack on something healthy in between meals, this is a great choice!

We offer their Top-10 best selling chips!

If you have trouble choosing, we recommend starting with either: Purple Sweet Potato Chips, Taro Root Stick Chips or Korean Mini Kkwabaegi Chips!

More details listed below.

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Product Highlights

  • Haru is an artisan chip maker based in Songdo, Korea
  • Healthy, delicious chips - made with simple ingredients
  • ✓ No artificial additives  ✓ No preservatives  ✓ No food coloring
  • Haru is sold in Korea's premier Galleria Department Stores
  • Select from 10 of their best-selling chips

[The : Haru] Simple Artisan Chips (10 Types)

01 | Purple Sweet Potato Chips

자색고구마칩 (200g)

Real Vegetables, Real Nutrition

Sure, there are many vegetables chips at the market...

But they're loaded with artificial sweeteners, artificial coloring and chemical preservatives

Haru Chips focus on the natural taste of premium-grade vegetables!

✓ No artificial additives  ✓ No preservatives ✓ No food coloring

Natural Purple Sweet Potatoes Chips

Purple Sweet Potatoes are sliced, dehydrated and lightly coated with sugar

Enjoy the natural flavor of sweet potato with a crunchy, chip texture!

Full Ingredients List

Purple Sweet Potato* (95%), Palm Oil, Sugar, Salt

(*Sweet potato from Thailand)

Amount: 200g

02 | Shiitake Mushroom Chip

표고버서칩 (70g)

Natural Shiitake Mushrooms Chips

Enjoy the natural, umami of shiitake mushrooms with a crunchy, chip texture!

Full Ingredients List

Shiitake Mushroom* (93.6%), Palm Oil, Malt Sugar

(*Shiitake mushrooms from China)

Amount: 70g

03 | Mini Korean Twisted Donut (Kkwabaegi) Chips

미니꽈배기 (220g)

Classic Korean Donut in chip form!

Crunchy, sweet and delicious - nostalgic memories of eating kkwabaegi 

Now available in mini size - perfect to munch on!

Close-up view of Kkwabaegi

Full Ingredients List

Flour*, Sweet Potato Starch, Egg, Coconut Powder, Glutinous Rice Powder, Margarine

Sugar, Salt, Whole Milk Powder, Yeast, Palm Oil, Sweetener, Baking Powder

(*Flour from Australia)

Amount: 220g

04 | Dried Taro Root Stick Chips

토란스틱 (120g)

Natural Taro Root Chips

Taro root is an excellent source for dietary fiber and vitamins, that are not typically r found in standard diet! 

Rich in Vitamin E, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B3

Stick shape make it fun to munch on

Similar to crunchy potato chip, but with a mild taro flavor!

Full Ingredients List

Taro Root* (98%), Palm Oil, Salt

(*Taro Root from Thailand)

Amount: 120g

05 | Dried Lotus Root Chips

연근칩 (80g)

Natural Lotus Root Chips

Crunchy and crisp - high in dietary fiber

Lotus root is packed with nutrients like Vitamin C, Vitamin B, Iron & Potassium

Full Ingredients List

Lotus Root*, Palm Oil, Malt Sugar

(*Lotus Root from China)

Amount: 80g

06 | Freeze-Dried Fig Chips

무화과칩 (55g)

Freeze-Dried Fig Chips!

It's hard to eat fresh fruit on busy workdays

With one bag of dried figs, get your dose of essential vitamins + antioxidants!

Figs are rich in antioxidants and promote digestive health - a healthy snack!

Full Ingredients List

100% Figs

(Figs from China)

Size: 55g

07 | Dried Gingko Nut Chips

무염은행칩 (100g)

Natural Dried Ginko Nuts!

Gingko nuts have powerful antixodant qualities and terpenoids

These help improve blood circulation by dilating blood vessels and reducing the stickiness of platelets.

Crunchy, savory & delicious

Note: For adults, limit serving to 10 gingko nuts per day

Full Ingredients List

Gingko Nuts* (95.8%), Palm Oil, Malt

(*Gingko nuts from China)

Size: 100g

08 | Roasted Black Soybeans

볶음서리태 (250g)

Roasted Black Soybeans!

Seoritae is a type of black soybean that is known for health-promoting effects

It has high isoflavone and anthocyanin contents - rich in minerals & calcium

Roasted without any seasoning - nutty, crunchy & very healthy!

Full Ingredients List

 Black Soybeans 100%

(Black soybeans from China)

Size: 250g

09 | Squid Peanut Ball Snack

오징어해씨볼 (280g)

Classic Squid Peanut Ball Snack

A classic snack that's been around in Korea for the last 30 years

Crunchy texture with salt squid & savory peanut flavor

Bite-size, round balls to make it easy to eat in one bite

Size: 280g

10 | Dried Beetroot Chips

비트칩 (80g)

Dried Beetroot Chips

Beets are packed full of nutrients like fiber, Vitamin C and folates

Low in calories and have also been proven to lower blood pressure.

Sweet, savory & crunchy - delicious, healthy snack

Full Ingredients List

Beetroot*, Palm Oil, Malt Sugar

(*Beetroot from China)

Size: 80g

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