[Vision Glass] Everyday Glass & Mugs (8 Varieties)


Vision Glass - Everyday Glass

Lightweight, Anti-Fragile & Simple

[Vision Glass] Everyday Glass & Mugs (8 Varieties)

We purchased a few of these Vision Glasses ... and its quickly become our most-used cup in our kitchen studio!

A simple reason - it always looks clean! Like an unused wine glass - it makes you reach for it when you're thirsty. The design is simple and minimalistic. And the glass is made from a special glass material - which is thin and light-weight but also anti-fragile.

Best of all, the glasses can be used to drink coffee or tea! That's because the special glass can withstand heat up to 340°C (644°F) - meaning you can safely pour in hot water without the fear of cracking it.

Pour yourself a cup of hot coffee or cold juice in the mornings. Or use it to serve popcorn, chips or veggie sticks. Perfect for any kitchen or home cafe!

Note: The glass is offered in 8 different varieties.

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Product Highlights

  • The special made glass is thin and lightweight, but anti-fragile (does not break easily)
  • Can withstand up to 350°C (safe to pour-in boiling water)
  • A great, versatile cup to use at home for morning coffee or fruit juice
  • Glass is 100% lead and cadmium free  
  • Choose from 5 Tall Glasses or 3 Cafe Mugs

Perfectly fine for home baking (okay in ovens, microwaves)

Okay to pour boiling water for coffee, teas, etc.

Perfectly fine to store in freezer (up to -40°C)

Use it for smoothies, iced teas, or a glass of whiskey

Thin glass but it does not break easily (very durable)

Safe to place in dishwasher and microwaves

Weighs less than an egg

Lightweight, easy to carry by young children


01. Tall Glass M

A medium-sized glass to enjoy beer or cold drinks. Can use it to also serve potato chips, popcorn or veggie sticks.

02. Tall Glass L

A good-sized glass to use regularly at home. Serve iced coffee, juice or other cold drinks!

03. Tall Glass HSS

The skinniest glass among the five! Use it to serve champagne, white wine or mixed fruit drinks during a home gathering.

04. Tall Glass HW

This tall and wide glass is used in Korean Cafes, Bars and Restaurants. It's a larger size - perfect for food styling and presentation!

05. Tall Glass HL

The tallest glass among the five. Use it to stack iced cubes and pour iced coffees or lemonade!



06. Cafe Mug SS

A mini-sized mug that's perfect for an espresso.

07. Cafe Mug S

A smaller-sized mug that's great for a small cup of coffee or tea in the mornings. 

08. Cafe Mug W

If you want a "regular-sized" coffee mug, this is perfect for you. Use it to for water, coffee or juice.


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About The Brand

Visionglass is the signature glass produced by Borosil Glass Works Limited - India's #1 top-rated glass manufacturer. The glass design is simple and minimal. Best of all, the glass is very lightweight while being anti-fragile. These glasses are imported into Korea and have become a hit-item for Korean food stylists and home cafes. 

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