[Vital Beautie] Green Tea (Catechin Tablets) - Body Fat Control

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[Vital Beautie] Green Tea Catechin Tablets

Aid for weight-loss, fat burning, lowering cholesterol

[Vital Beautie] Green Tea (Catechin Tablets) - Body Fat Control

Today, we introduce green-tea tablets that can aid in weight loss and cholesterol reduction.

These tablets are made from green tea leaves. Green tea leaves are steamed at high temperatures to produce a concentrated liquid extract. Then liquid is then filtered 5x for catechin. Then de-hydrated and molded into tablets. 

But what is catechin? It is a powerful antioxidant found in green tea leaves.

Catechin has been shown to be effective in reducing visible body fat, and the amount of LDL lipoproteins (aka “bad cholesterol”) in your blood.

When consumed regularly - and with a balanced diet - catechin helps to increase fat burning and boost metabolic rates.

It’s why green tea (and varieties) are regularly served during or after meals throughout East Asia - especially in Japan & China.

Also, these green tablets are enteric-coated - they can withstand the strong acids in your stomach. And only release their content once it reaches your gut.

This minimizes your chances of an upset stomach, while increases the effectiveness of the tablets.

Next time you find yourself choosing high-caloric menu item, snacking too late into the night or dining out with friends, curb the cholesterol intake with a few green tea tablets.

Did we mention? These tablets are vegan-certified.

Furthermore, they have received the esteemed label of 'Health Functional Food (HFF)' from the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Administration.

This label is only granted to products that demonstrate specific health benefits backed by substantial evidence.

Consume 3 tablets per serving | Once-a-day.

3 tablets contains 300mg of Catechin… as well as 30mg of Vitamin C +  25 mg of Pantothenic Acid.

Pantothenic Acid is an essential vitamin that converts foods you eat (carbohydrates, fats, proteins) into useable energy for the body.

It also lowers body weight by activating lipoprotein lipase and enzymes that burn fat cells.

(Note: These tablets are not recommended for pregnant women or breast-feeding mothers. Does contains caffeine.)

1 Container contains 90 Tablets (30-day supply).

If you really enjoy the product and want to buy a larger size, select the Refill Package of 180 Tablets (60 Day Supply).

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Lauriane (Abidjan, Ivory Coast)

C'est très efficace, go en commander

Pris N. (Ontario, Canada)
Works as described

Been using it for a few weeks and seen changes in weight as well as increase in energy level.

Hermona J. (North Carolina, United States)
Grown an getting sexy back

I did these pills an in the first 30 days lost 12 pounds an got energy level up. When taken as directed snacking an sugar no longer exist. These cut your appetite way back an because u see results u want to keep goin. All it takes is to order an go for what u know!!!

jade f. (Michigan, United States)
Good! It works!

I loved it. I saw a difference and will buy again!

JB (Quebec, Canada)

I started taking this almost 2 months ago and feel the difference. I’ve ordered it twice now and will placing another order.

Product Highlights

  • Green tea catechin tablets - reduce overall body fat & lower bad cholesterol (LDL) in blood
  • After high-calorie or late-night meals, take 3 tablets to promote fat oxidation in your body 
  • Vegan-certified - made with no animal products
  • 1 container has 90 Tablets. Larger refill package has 180 tablets 
  • Take 3 tablets per serving with water (once-a-day)

[Vital Beautie] Green Tea Catechin Tablets - Body Fat Control


Selected as Cosmo Editor's Pick... for Top Diet Product

Selected as Allure Magazine's Pick for Top Diet Product

Ranked #1 in Diet Products by Powder Room

#1 Best-Selling 'Catechin' in Naver Shopping (2022)

Winner of Olive Young Awards - 2021 (MD Pick)

Customer Rating: 4.8/5 (out of 50,000 reviews)

Endorsed by Han Hye-Jin!

South Korean fashion model & TV personality

Given up on your body?

There are things in life that are out of your control... but your body isn't one of them!

- Han Hyejin

Who are these catechin tablets for?

For individuals attempting to lose weight through improved nutrition and reduced portions!

For individuals who are looking to reduce body fat and see their natural body lines!

Catechins have been found to be effective in reducing body fat

Catechins are natural compounds with powerful antioxidant properties found in various plants, especially in green tea leaves

They promote fat oxidation in your body and increase metabolism!

Each serving (3 tablets) contains 300mg of green tea catechin

It delivers 3 key benefits: 

✓ Promotes fat oxidation

✓ Reduces overall body fat

✓ Reduces cholesterol levels (LDL) In blood

Green Tea Catechin helps to reduce body fat & lower cholesterol in the blood

Cholesterol is a fat-like, waxy substance that floats in your blood 

HDL are good types of cholesterol that help to repair cells

LDL are the "bad" type that accumulate plaque in your arteries

Catechins helps to decrease the total cholesterol (including LDL) floating in your blood

Lab results shown that green tea (catechin) is effective in reducing body weight, BMI, body fat mass, and waist size.

With catechins, study participants experienced a reduction in total fat mass and visible fat around the body - including the abdominal area

Our Catechin Tablets are made using high-grade, green tea leaves

We use Amore Pacific's Osulloc Technology to filter out lower-quality green tea leaves

Green Tea Catechin Extract undergoes a meticulous process of 7 filtration stages

The catechin extract undergoes a meticulous 7-stage filtration process to remove micro by-products

Afterward, the catechin extract is dried into a fine powder, which is then pressed into tablets

Each tablet also contains Pantothenic Acid & Vitamin C

Pantothenic acid (also called vitamin B5) helps turn the food you eat into the energy you need. 

It's important for many functions in the body, especially making and breaking down fats

Rest assured, our catechin tablets are safe!

It does NOT contain any harmful ingredients that may cause irritation to your body

We reject harmful (or extreme) dieting trends, methods and ingredients

Catechin supplements offer a sustainable and effective solution for reducing total body fat

Our focus is selecting ingredients that deliver tangible results

Our tablets deliver catechins - without dissolving in the stomach! 

Our tablets can withstand the strong acidity of your stomach (via enteric coating)

They will dissolve later in the gut (at a target pH level) - where it absorbs quicker into the body

Note: The enteric coating is non-irritating  - you can even take the pills on an empty stomach (before meals)

Korea's first vegan-certified, slimming product!

1. Does not include animal (or animal-derived) products

2. Products not tested on animals

3. No cross-contamination in production processes

Designated as a 'Health-Functional' Food Product

In Korea, the label "health functional item" refers to a specific category of products regulated by the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS)

These products are subject to strict regulations and must obtain approval from the MFDS before they can be marketed and sold in Korea.

Health functional items are dietary supplements or foods that claim to have specific health benefits

This product has proven health benefits in body fat reductioncholesterol reduction & raising antioxidant activity

GMP Certified

Vital Beautie has received GMP certification, which signifies that it meets stringent quality assurance standards in manufacturing.

Take 3 tablets per serving, once-a-day (with water)

Take the tablets when you're in these situations:

After a high-calorie (or greasy) meal...

After late-night meals...

After calorie-dense snacks or desserts...

If you're dieting and need an aid to lose-weight...

If you're vacationing abroad and want to maintain your weight...

If you've overeaten during social gatherings...

If you're interesting in maintaining your body line & shape...

If blood test indicate that you have high-cholesterol...


When should I take these catechin tablets?

We recommend taking these tablets after meals. 

(However, due to its enteric coating, there is no problem with taking them before meals as well)

Can pregnant or nursing women take these?

It is not recommended to go on diets during pregnancy or while nursing

Please refrain from taking green tea catechins at this time

Can I take these tablets with other dietary supplements?

Since it contains health-functional ingredients, we do NOT recommend combining diet products

But if you insist, we recommend taking a few hours between supplements

How many tablets should I take per day?

Take 3 tablets per serving (with water)

1 serving per day

Full Ingredients list

Green tea powder, Calcium pantothenate, Vitamin C, Chicory root extract, Polydextrose, Hydroxypropylmethyl cellulose phthalate, Cottonseed oil powder, Glycerin fatty acid ester, Green tea polysaccharide powder,  Guar gum, Green tea flavonol extract

Made in Korea

Optional: Refill Packet (180 Tablets)

If you enjoy the product, you can get a refill packet with 180 Tablets (60 day supply)

Pour from the refill packet into your container - and carry it around as you need!

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