[Woori] Cham Sauce - Korean BBQ Dipping Sauce


[Woori] Cham Sauce

Delicious Korean Dip For BBQ'd Meats

[Woori] Cham Sauce - Korean BBQ Dipping Sauce

Introducing Woori’s Cham Sauce!

Cham Sauce is a new find for us! One of our valued customers requested that we carry this product on Gochujar.

Initially, we were skeptical about the quality of the product. The packaging looked outdated and the product appeared too generic.

But boy, were we wrong - the truth lies in its flavor!

What does it taste like?

It’s the same delicious dipping sauce that you get at Korean BBQ restaurants - the one served with thinly sliced onions!

What’s it made of?

Cham Sauce is crafted using a blend of soy sauce and carefully selected zesty fruits, resulting in a harmonious balance of salty, tangy, and umami.

The perfect dip for freshly-grilled (or pan-fried) meats!

Next time you're hosting a backyard BBQ or enjoying some delicious K-BBQ, be sure to serve this delightful dipping sauce to your guests. Watch as their faces light up!

Gochujar Editor's Tip: We recommend slicing onions into thin strips and adding them to the Cham Sauce. This small addition will elevate the taste to a whole new level!

Available in 2 sizes: 300 & 800g

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
N.P. (Basel-City, Switzerland)
Just great!

The sauce is yummy and the service is perfect! I will order again

Taehee B. (Ontario, Canada)
Perfect sauce!

I am absolutely in love with this sauce and am so happy you have the large size available to order. It is perfectly balanced sweet tangy and salty!

Product Highlights

  • #1 Grilled Meats Dipping Sauce in Korea
  • Grill up fresh meats and dip into this sauce - enhances the savoriness of meat!
  • Add sliced onions into sauce for a even fresher taste
  • Used by many K-BBQ restaurants
  • Available in 2 sizes: 300 & 800g

[Woori] Cham Sauce

Cham Sauce

This tangy and zingy soy-based sauce is the perfect dip for freshly grilled meats.

How to use Cham Sauce

In Korea, thinly sliced onions are added to Cham Sauce - brings out another layer of fresh flavor!

This Cham Sauce is widely used by K-BBQ restaurants in Korea!

Use it not only for grilled beef (steak), but also for pork as well (Samgeyeopsal!).

So simple!

Available in 2 sizes

300g (Regular)

800g (Large)

Full Ingredients list: 

Water, Soy Sauce, Sugar, Fermented Vinegar, Spirit, Mixed Fruit Extract [Peach Extract, Mango Extrat, Melon Extract, Pineapple Extract, White Grape Extract], MSG, Flavor Enhancer, Mixed Formulation 

Please store in refrigerator after opening

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