[Yangban] Seasoned Seaweed Flakes (Kimjaban)


Yangban Seasoned Seaweed Flakes

Tossed with Powdered Soybean & Sesame Seeds

[Yangban] Seasoned Seaweed Flakes (Kimjaban)

Yangban's Seasoned Seaweed Flakes is a delicious topping for a bowl of hot rice.

Seasoned Seaweed Flakes is called Kimjaban in Korean. To make Kimjaban, Yangban roasts its high-quality seaweed at a high temperature (300°C). The roasted flakes are set aside to dry-out for 24 hours. The following day, they are roasted a second time - producing extra crispy, brittle flakes. These flakes are then sprinkled with powdered soybean and sesame seeds. 

This powdered soybean gives  - the otherwise salty flakes -  a slight sweet, nutty flavor (similar to Injeolmi rice cakes). Sprinkle a handful of the flakes over your rice and enjoy. Kimjaban is especially popular among Korean children!  

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Yati B. (Veneto, Italy)
A must have in your pantry!

Great with everything! Always handy for my lunchbox.

Sophie M. (New Brunswick, Canada)
Amazing seaweed flakes

This stuff is dangerous! For context I'm a college student and love to cook but currently am in desperate need to go to the grocery store. I can only do so much with instant noodles and no protein (I don't even have eggs in the fridge). Since I never had them before, last night I gave it a teats to see what I'm working with. I use chopsticks because of the sesame oil and took out ONE piece for the teats. suddenly the bag had 1/4 of its content missing, and i realize that is not a healthily thing to do, but I can't read the nutritional facts so who is going to stop me. And if I use the logic of one of my old teachers who made "fat free, sugar free fudge" once its cut into pieces all the fat and sugar fall out, so if i can't read it is like i am eating air and that is perfectly healthy. But in all seriousness this stuff is amazing and I will definitely order more when my student loan comes in.

Julie Z. (Michigan, United States)
Good seaweed flakes

I love this flavor very much!, but my husband and my daughter love the flavor Costco sold more ( not always in market).
I appreciate the warm and kinds words with the bags . Thank you so much!

Dawn L.
The best seasoned seaweed flakes

My husband and I loved these seasoned seaweed flakes. He really liked putting them in soups and rice while I mainly add it to plain white rice. It adds great flavor. When we ran out we decided to buy a different brand at our local H-Mart but the flavor was not comparable at all. Definitely would recommend these to anyone.

Product Highlights

  • Tossed with powdered soybean and sesame seeds
  • Roasted twice for a extra-crispy, brittle crunch
  • Size is 50 grams
Product In Brief

Main Ingredients

Gim (Laver) (30%), Canola Oil, Sesame Oil,

Sesame Seeds, Roasted Soybean Powder, Salt

    Storage Tips

    Expiration period: 3-4 months

    Store in a cool, dry area

    After opening, keep in refrigerator

      What to Make

      Garnish over a bowl of hot rice

      Korean Rice Balls (Jumeok-bap)

        About the Brand

        Yangban is owned by a large food conglomerate, Dongwon. Yangban has a great track record in developing traditional. Korean foods into modern, global brands.

          How is Gim Made?

          Korean Gim starts by harvesting edible seaweed (red algae) that grow around the rocks on the ocean floor. But not from any ocean! Gim is harvested specifically from the waters surrounding the Korean Peninsula, starting from late-December to mid-April. 

          The harvested seaweed is then finely chopped and mixed into a large vat of water - like a soup. The soup mixture is then scooped over rectangular bamboo mats. The water passes through the porous mat and a thin layer of seaweed mix is left behind. This thin layer is then baked at a high temperature (or sun-dried). Afterwards, it's seasoned with oil and salt and baked once more.

          Product faq

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          Q: Is it coated with anything?
          Q: What's the flavor of this one?
          Q: Can I eat this straight out of the bag?

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          About The Brand

          Yangban is the signature brand of seasoned laver by parent company Dongwon. It's one of the Top-3 players in its product category. Yangban laver was also selected by Korea's Ministry of Trade as one of the 100 Best-Selling Korean Products during the last decade. 

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