[Yangban] Seasoned Seaweed Flakes (Kimjaban)


Dongwon - Kimjaban

Tossed with Powdered Soybean & Sesame Seeds

[Yangban] Seasoned Seaweed Flakes (Kimjaban)

Yangban's Seasoned Seaweed Flakes is a delicious topping for a bowl of freshly steamed rice.

Seasoned Seaweed Flakes is called Kimjaban (김자반) in Korean.

How's it made?

Yangban harvests wild seaweed off the coastal rocks - from the Southern Coast of Korea (Namhae).

The fresh seaweed is then roasted at a high temperature of 300°C to create flakes. These crunchy flakes are set aside to dry-out for 24 hours.

Afterwards, they are seasoned with powdered soybean, salt and sesame seeds.

Then, they are roasted a second time at 100°C to produce extra-crispy, brittle flakes!

The powdered soybean gives - the otherwise salty flakes - a slight sweet and nutty flavor (similar to Injeolmi rice cakes).

Sprinkle a handful of the flakes over your rice and enjoy.

Kimjaban is an especially popular rice topping among Korean children!

Available in a bundle of 2 bags.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Yati B. (Veneto, Italy)
A must have in your pantry!

Great with everything! Always handy for my lunchbox.

Sophie M. (New Brunswick, Canada)
Amazing seaweed flakes

This stuff is dangerous! For context I'm a college student and love to cook but currently am in desperate need to go to the grocery store. I can only do so much with instant noodles and no protein (I don't even have eggs in the fridge). Since I never had them before, last night I gave it a teats to see what I'm working with. I use chopsticks because of the sesame oil and took out ONE piece for the teats. suddenly the bag had 1/4 of its content missing, and i realize that is not a healthily thing to do, but I can't read the nutritional facts so who is going to stop me. And if I use the logic of one of my old teachers who made "fat free, sugar free fudge" once its cut into pieces all the fat and sugar fall out, so if i can't read it is like i am eating air and that is perfectly healthy. But in all seriousness this stuff is amazing and I will definitely order more when my student loan comes in.

Julie Z. (Michigan, United States)
Good seaweed flakes

I love this flavor very much!, but my husband and my daughter love the flavor Costco sold more ( not always in market).
I appreciate the warm and kinds words with the bags . Thank you so much!

Dawn L.
The best seasoned seaweed flakes

My husband and I loved these seasoned seaweed flakes. He really liked putting them in soups and rice while I mainly add it to plain white rice. It adds great flavor. When we ran out we decided to buy a different brand at our local H-Mart but the flavor was not comparable at all. Definitely would recommend these to anyone.

Product Highlights

  • Traditional-style Korean Kimjaban!
  • Tossed with powdered soybean and sesame seeds
  • Roasted twice for a extra-crispy, brittle crunch
  • Size is 50 grams

[Yangban] Seasoned Seaweed Flakes (Kimjaban)

Korean Kimjaban - For Korean Meals!

Made with wild seaweed from Korea's southern coastline (Namhae)

What does the label say?

Traditional Kimjaban - natural, savory & crunchy taste

Check Point

- Seaweed is roasted the traditional way, for a delicious, crunchy texture

- Seaweed is first roasted at 300°C to remove moisture

- Then seasoned with salt, soybean powder & sesame seeds

- Then roasted again at 100°C to lock-in flavors and develop an extra-crunchy texture

- Kimjaban is a healthy banchan that can be enjoyed by the whole family!

Close-up view

Available in bundle of 2 bags

Each bag contains 50g

Nutrition Info

Ingredient list: Korean Seaweed, Canola Oil,  Sesame Seeds, Sesame Oil, Salt, Sugar, Soybean Powder, Herb Extract

1 bag contains 50g | 1 bag has 330 calories

Every 50g contains: Sodium 910mg (46%), Carbohydrates 14g (4%), Sugar 8g (8%), Fat 28g (52%), Transfat 0g (0%), Saturated Fats 2.8g (19%), Cholesterol 5mg (2%), Protein 5g (9%)

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