[Yugi Ssam] Almond & Date Palm (with Soybean Powder)


[Yugi Ssam] Almond & Date Palm Snack (with Soybean Powder)

Natural, healthy snack - serve with coffee!

[Yugi Ssam] Almond & Date Palm (with Soybean Powder)

Today, we introduce a delicious and healthy snack to munch on.

This is the definition of a “raw” snack. No additives, artificial coloring - just a few ingredients that complement each other’s natural flavors.

Tunisian date palms are first pitted, then stuffed with a California-grown almond.

The stuffed date palm is coated with a thin layer of natural Jujube Extract.

Then rolled in Korean Soybean Powder.

The combination tastes wonderful.

You’ll enjoy the natural sweetness of the date palms, with the crunchy texture of the almond.

As well as the savory + nutty flavor of the Korean soybean powder (콩가루).

Note: This snack is very tasty - try your best not to finish the whole container in one sitting!

Perfect as a small treat - while sipping on your daily coffee!

One container has 140g.

Note: Please store in refrigerator after receiving.

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Product Highlights

  • A unique, delicious sweet to serve with tea or coffee!
  • Healthy & tasty - slightly sweet with a pleasant chew
  • Premium ingredients - sourced directly from select countries
  • Available in 140g

[Yugi Ssam] Almond & Date Palm Snack (with Soybean Powder)

Almonds wrapped in Date Palm

+ Sprinkled with Korean Soybean Powder!

California Almonds + Tunisian Date Palms + Korean Soybean Powder


✓ Tunisian Date Palms (76%)

✓ California Almond (22%)

✓ Korean Soybean Powder (1%)

Hows it made?

- Seeds are removed form the date palms

- Almonds are placed inside the pitted date palms

- The filled date palms are then rolled in Korean Soybean Powder

- Then partially dried for a chewy texture 

- Then cut into bite-sized pieces and packaged

Offered in 140g

Note: Store in refrigerator after receiving

Ingredient list

Dried Date Palms (from Tunisia) 76%, Roasted Almonds (from USA) 22%, Jujube Extract 1%, Roasted Grain Powder 1%

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