[Coffee Libre] Signature Coffee Drip Bags

[Coffee Libre] Signature Coffee Drip Bags

Created by 2x World Champion Coffee Roaster

[Coffee Libre] Coffee Drip Bags

Coffee Libre is a boutique cafe started by Phil, who was the first in Korea to receive Q-Grader Certification (a highly coveted status for coffee grading - only 4,000 Q-graders in the world).

He was also crowned World Champion at the World Coffee Roasting Championship - for 2 consecutive years (2012, 2013).

Coffee Libre has gained a reputation and loyal following as it sources some of the world’s best coffee beans.

Coffee Libre is famous for their single-origin coffee beans, which they source directly from countries (fair-trade).

Many of Coffee Libre’s beans are labelled CoE (Cup Of Excellence) - which is awarded to only the world's best-tasting coffee beans.

Today, we offer Coffee Libre's Signature Coffee Drip Bags!


Each box has a total of 7 drip bags.

[Gochujar Editor Note: SINGLE ORIGIN means that the coffee beans are harvested from one country (often the same farm). You can experience unique tasting notes with single-origin beans. BLEND is a combination of single-origin beans. Blends produce a more balanced, smooth cup of coffee.]

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Malcolm (Wisconsin, United States)

I was given a box for holiday, and I am so grateful! I did a slow pour and it really is amazing how good this coffee is... will have to order soon as I am currently rationing to one a day.

Ze M.L. (Singapore)
Fast delivery

Customer service was great. An email was sent to me after the order, stating the delivery would be slightly delayed, as a newer batch was coming in. Coffee was light in the after taste and comfortable to have in the evenings.

Kathryn K.
A Flavored Escape

I expected great things...and I got great things! Flavor comes pouring out of this cup(no pun intended) Its strong yet smooth. I like to actually drink this in the evening to unwind and have my flavor escape. Party of one please and thankyou.

monica y.
unique design and lovely coffee

I have only tried it once but I love it already. However Gochujar service is first class.

Monica Y.
unique design and lovely coffee

I have only tried it once but I love it already. However Gochujar service is first class.

Product Highlights

  • Made by Korea's first World Champion Coffee Roaster!
  • Sample one of Seoul's top-ranked cafes at home
  • Works great as a small Korean gift to friends & colleagues
  • Choose from 5 different types

01. Costa Rica (Single Origin)

Notes: Tart Apple Jam, Vanilla

7 Drip Bags

02. Ethiopia (Single Origin)

Notes: Bergamot Orange, Floral, Fresh Bouquet

7 Drip Bags

03. Honduras (Single Origin)

Notes: Smooth vanilla, citrus, milk-chocolate

7 Drip Bags 

04. Nicaragua (Single Origin)

Notes: Creamy, Tangerine, Vanilla

7 Drip Bags 

05. BLEND Collection

7 Drip Bags - listed below

Bad Blood Blend (3 bags)

It's medium-roasted with a slightly acidic and sweet after-taste. The aroma has a mix of mountain air and wild fruit. 

Blend: Ethiopia (30%), Costa Rica (40%) and Nicaragua (30%)

Dark Blend (2 bags)

Slightly fruity aroma with a touch of sweetness. This is one of their best-selling blended coffees.

Blend: India (50%), Honduras (20%) and Columbia (30%).

No Surprise Blend (2 bags)

This blend is made via french roasting. It has deep, strong flavor - chocolatey aroma with a slightly bitter backtaste.

Blend: India (40%), Honduras (40%) and Ethiopia (20%)


1Use your hands or scissors to open the  vacuum-sealed package.

2Then tear along the dotted line of the drip bag. Stretch-out the handles and cling onto your cup. Pour in hot water (90-95°C)  into the drip bag.

3Wait for the coffee to drip through the bag. Once you see 180~200 ml (3/4 cup) of coffee, discard the drip bag and enjoy!

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