[Hyesung Doki] Jeolla Ttukbaegi


[Hyesung Doki] Jeolla Ttukbaegi

Jeolla Province, Traditional Design

[Hyesung Doki] Jeolla Ttukbaegi

Today, we offer a well-known Ttukbaegi brand called Hyesung Doki (해성도기).

In fact, it's the #1 best-selling Ttukbaegi in Korea, largely due to its popularity among Korean restaurant owners.

If you've visited Seoul, there's a good chance you've eaten from a Hyesung Ttukbaegi Pot.

Today, we are showcasing the Jeolla Ttukbaegi!

In Jeolla province, this particular Ttukbaegi design is popular - you'll see it at many restaurants.

It's used to serve Korean stews like: Yukgaejang (육개장), Soondae-guk (순대국), Hangover Stew (해장국).

In terms of functionality, all of the Ttukbaegis are identical - with only a difference in design.

Note: This Ttukbaegi pot includes a serving plate. However, no pot lid is made for it.

Available in 2 sizes: Medium & Large.

Hyesung takes great pride in crafting all of its earthenware locally in Korea. The entire collection is the result of generations of craftsmanship.

IMPORTANT: These earthenware items are designed exclusively for use on gas stoves (reheating in the microwave is also acceptable). They will NOT heat properly on electric or induction stovetops!

If you don't yet own a Ttukbaegi, why not begin with one from Korea's #1 best-selling brand?

There is also an optional add-on item: the Ttukbaegi Clamp. This practical tool allows you to easily move piping-hot Ttukbaegi from the kitchen stove to the dining table.

Editor's Note from Gochujar:

This is a traditional Korean Ttukbaegi.

When cleaning traditional-style Ttukbaegi, it's crucial to avoid using dish soap.

The natural clay surface of these pots is porous and can absorb soapy residue, which might be released back into the pot when cooking.

To clean properly, simply rinse the pots with hot water alone - without dish soap.

You can also use the coarse side of a dish sponge to remove food bits and burnt areas. For tougher stains, a small amount of baking soda added to hot water can provide an extra cleaning boost.

Ttukbaegi Clamp is optional and sold separately - click here

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Product Highlights

  • Hyesung Doki is Korea's #1 Most-sold Ttukbaegi Brand
  • This is a go-to choice for ttukbaegis by many restaurants in Korea
  • Jeolla Province Design - Traditional & High Heat Retention
  • 100% Proudly Made in Korea
  • Available in 2 sizes

[Hyesung Doki] Jeolla Ttukbaegi

Hyesung is Korea's #1 Most-Purchased Ttukbaegi by Restaurants

It's one of the preferred brands by both large restaurants and small eateries in Korea

They use it every day to serve customers steaming hot Korean stews.

If you've ever dined in Korean restaurants, chances are you've eaten out of a Hyesung Ttukbaegi!

100% Proudly Made in Korea!

For two generations, Hyesung has been dedicated to producing high-quality Korean earthenware

 ✔️   Deep expertise in earthenware production

✔️   Can be heated over direct flames

✔️   Made with natural, fine-grained clay (sourced locally in Korea)

✔️   Classic Korean design, highly durable and built for restaurant use

Jeolla Ttukbaegi

Use to serve Korean stews and guk-bap

 ✔️  Guk-bap (국밥)      ✔️ Yukgaejang (욱개장)     ✔️ Soondae-guk (순대국)     ✔️ Hangover Stew (해장국)

Size Detail & Dimensions:

Available in 2 sizes: Medium & Large

Medium Ttukbaegi: 16.7 x 7 cm (~890ml)

Large Ttukbaegi: 17.5 x 7.4 cm  (~1080ml)

There may be minor difference in actual size

- Serving Plate is Included -

Set the piping hot ttukbaegi on this serving plate

Optional Item: Ttukbaegi Clamp

Not included - must order separately (click here)

Use this clamp to safely transfer the piping-hot Ttukbaegi pot from the stovetop to the dining table

Pre-steps before first usage:

Take out a large pot and fill it with water. Bring it up to a boil. 

In a separate bowl, mix a few spoonfuls of flour with cold water. Stir well so there's no clumps.

Now, pour this flour-water mixture into the boiling pot. 

Carefully use some tongs and submerge the Ttukbaegi (and the lid) into the pot - be careful not to drop it!

Reduce the heat so it's gently simmering - then give it 10 minutes to boil!

After boiling, discard the water and let the pot cool down.

Then give a final rinse under hot running water. (DO NOT USE DISH SOAP)

How to clean:

When cleaning traditional Ttukbaegi, it is important to avoid using dish soap. 

This is because the surface of these natural clay pots is porous and can actually absorb the soap. 

Instead, the pots should be rinsed in hot water and scrubbed with the hard side of a dish sponge. 

If there are any lingering stains, a small amount of baking soda can be added to the hot water for an extra cleaning boost.

Usage Notes:

Do not wash immediately after cooking - sudden changes in temperature can adversely affect the pot

Check that the gas flames do not crawl over the pot's bottom - adjust flame's height down

This Ttukbaegi will NOT heat properly on induction or electric stoves - works only on gas stoves (and microwave)

This is handmade ceramics!

Due to the nature of the handcrafted process, there may be minor imperfections. These could include small dents, runny glaze marks or less-glazed spots

These imperfections do not qualify the item as being "damaged" and are not eligible for return or exchange.

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