[Kang Bong Seok] Organic Rice Jocheong Syrup


Organic, Produced by K-Food Grandmaster

[Kang Bong Seok] Organic Rice Jocheong Syrup

Today, we offer an organic rice jocheong syrup for your Korean pantry.

Jocheong is Korea's traditional sweetener. It's been used in Korea for centuries - before sugar was brought over to Korea!

It's made from only two ingredients: rice & malt barley.

Jocheong is not as sweet as sugar - but leaves a shiny gloss on foods.

It's typically used in dishes like Tteokbokki, Myeolchi Bokkeum (Stir-Fried Anchovy Banchan), Braised Lotus Roots, Spicy Pork Bulgogi and many others.

(Note: You can use Jocheong as a substitute for Oligodang Syrup, Ssalyeot, Mulyeot or Honey)

This organic syrup is made by Kang Bong Seok - an artisan producer who has received the prestigious designation as a Korean Food Grandmaster (in the category of Korean grains and syrups).

Grandmaster Kang makes this syrup using traditional techniques to keep that "yetnal" or original taste.

If you plan to cook a variety of Korean dishes, make sure to have a bottle of this Jocheong or Oligodang Syrup in your pantry.

Available in large bottle (1.2 kg) and smaller bottle (480g).

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Product Highlights

  • Organic Rice Jocheong Syrup - use it to sweeten traditional Korean dishes
  • Made by Kang Bong Seok - food artisan recognized as Korean Food Grandmaster!
  • This Jocheong Syrup is made with simple ingredients: organic rice (98.5%), malt barley (1.2%) & enzymes (0.3%)
  • No preservatives, artificial sweeteners or food coloring!
  • Offered in a large bottle (1.2 kg) or smaller bottle (480g)
[Kang Bong Seok] Organic 
Rice Jocheong Syrup

Size: 1.2 kg | Made from Organic Korean Rice (98.5%), Malt Barley (1.2%), Enzymes (0.3%)

You can eat it straight if you'd like - take one spoonful!

Or use it as a sweet dip for baked goods or ricecakes (tteok)

And for classic Korean dishes like Myeolchi Bokkeum, Braised Lotus Root,  K-BBQ Marinades

Available in smaller size (480g) 
How is it sweet without sugar? 

The key ingredient is malted barley.

The enzymes in the malted barley ferment with the starches in the rice - releasing a natural sweetness

Korea-grown barley is cleaned and malted.

Then turned into powder and mixed with water.

Then squeezed - the resulting malt water is boiled with rice to make jocheong syrup.

Korean Food Master &
Quality Certifications

Below are a list of certifications by the brand...
Korean Grandmaster in Food Designation, HAACP Certification, Organic Certification


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About The Brand

Kang Bong Seok received the designation by the Korean Government as a Grandmaster in Korean Food (for grain syrups).  He uses organic, Korean-grown rice and turn them into premium jocheong and oligodang syrup - following traditional techniques. 

That's it folks!