[Kang Bong Seok] Organic Rice Oligodang Syrup


Organic, Produced by K-Food Grandmaster

[Kang Bong Seok] Organic Rice Oligodang Syrup

Today, we offer an organic oligodang syrup for your Korean pantry.

Oligodang syrup - also known as oligosaccharide - is widely used as a sweetener in Korean cooking. Unlike honey, it sweetens without a floral after taste.

That's why its used in Korea to sweeten dishes like Tteokbokki, Myeolchi Bokkeum (Stir-Fried Anchovy Banchan), Braised Lotus Roots, Spicy Pork Bulgogi and many others.

This organic syrup is made by Kang Bong Seok - an artisan producer who has received the prestigious designation as a Korean Food Grandmaster (in the category of Korean grains and syrups).

Grandmaster Kang extracts this syrup from Korea-grown, organic rice via traditional techniques to keep that "yetnal" or original taste.

If you plan to cook a variety of Korean dishes, make sure to have a bottle of Oligodang Syrup or Jocheong Syrup in your pantry.

Available in large bottle (1.2 kg) and smaller bottle (480g).

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Product Highlights

  • Organic Rice Oligodang Syrup - use to sweeten traditional Korean dishes
  • Made by Kang Bong Seok - received designation as Korean Food Grandmaster!
  • This Oligodang Syrup is made with only two ingredients: organic rice (99.6%) & enzymes
  • No preservatives, artificial sweeteners or food coloring - only two ingredients!
  • Offered in a large bottle (1.2 kg) or smaller bottle (480g)
[Kang Bong Seok] Organic 
Rice Oligodang Syrup

Size: 1.2 kg | Made from Organic Korean Rice (99.6%)

You can eat it straight if you'd like - take one spoonful!

Or use it as a sweet dip for baked goods or ricecakes (tteok)

And for classic Korean dishes like Myeolchi Bokkeum, Braised Lotus Root,  K-BBQ Marinades

Available in smaller size (480g) 
Korean Food Master &
Quality Certifications

Below are a list of certifications by the brand...
Korean Grandmaster in Food Designation, HAACP Certification, Organic Certification


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About The Brand

Kang Bong Seok received the designation by the Korean Government as a Grandmaster in Korean Food (for grain syrups).  He uses organic, Korean-grown rice and turn them into premium jocheong and oligodang syrup - following traditional techniques. 

That's it folks!