[Kitchen Style] Handmade Rice & Soup Bowls (Set of 2)


Kitchen Style - Handmade Rice & Soup Bowls

Beautiful, Earthy & Minimal

[Kitchen Style]聽Handmade Rice & Soup Bowl

Today, we offer two bowls that may become the "workhorse" of your聽Korean Kitchen.

This is Kitchen Style's Handmade Rice & Soup Bowls.

The聽bowl's design聽is simple & modest - no flashy patterns or distinct lines.

These聽everyday bowls are made with a聽special refined, Korean clay (瓿犽氨鞛).

The clay naturally contains specks of iron, which transform into black dots when blazed at high temperatures. They gave the聽bowl a rustic, natural look.

We find ourselves reaching for these bowls the most.

The bowls are stackable, easy-to-wash and not fragile.

We couldn't recommend it enough.

Available type: Rice Bowl or Soup Bowl

Comes in a set聽of 2.

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Sophie (Liaoning, China)

I bought three sets of this soup and rice bowls. When I received them three bowls broken. The owner sent new three for replacement. The bowls are simple & modest.

Product Highlights

  • Beautiful, handmade rice & soup bowls
  • Simple, minimal design with no color - perfect for everyday use
  • Handmade by Korean artisans - not bulk-made in factories 
  • Available in sets of 2
  • Made in Korea

[Kitchen Style] Handmade Rice Bowl & Soup Bowl

Handmade Rice Bowl

Handmade Soup Bowl

Simple design, natural aesthetic

The black specks are formed by the iron deposits in the natural clay

Makes for a beautiful, natural aesthetic

Rice Bowl (shown)

Rice Bowl (shown)

Soup Bowl (shown)

 - Product Details -

Rice bowl (left): diameter (12 cm)

Soup bowl (right): diameter (15 cm)

Handmade Rice Bowl

Dimensions: 12 cm (diameter) x 7 cm (height)

Material: Ceramic

Made in Korea

Handmade Soup Bowl

Dimensions: 15 cm (diameter) x 7.5 cm (height)

Material: Ceramic

Made in Korea

Product Notice

This is a handmade product

As a result, there may be minor imperfections like small dents or discolored spots

These do not qualify the item as "damaged"

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