[Kitchen Style] Handmade Rice & Soup Bowls (Set of 2)


[Kitchen Art] Rice & Soup Bowl

Beautiful, Earthy & Minimal

[Kitchen Style] Handmade Rice & Soup Bowl

Today, we offer two types of bowls that may become the "workhorse" of your Korean Kitchen.

This is Kitchen Style's Handmade Rice & Soup Bowls.

The bowl's design is simple, minimal & modest - no flashy designs, hard lines or bright colors.

To make these bowls, a special, well-refined clay (고백자) is used. It contains specks of iron - which appear as mini black dots as its blazed at high temperatures. These mini dots give the bowl its earthy, antique look.

We find ourselves reaching for these bowls the most!

They're stackable, wash easily and are not fragile. It's quickly become our go-to dishes for plating everyday meals.

We couldn't recommend it enough.

Available in sets of 2 ... or get one of each!

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Product Highlights

  • Beautiful handmade rice & soup bowls - has a antique Korean design
  • Simple, minimal design with no color or flashy patterns - perfect for everyday use
  • Handmade by Korean artisans - not bulk-made in factories 
  • Available in Sets-of-2 ... or 1-of-Each
Handmade Rice & Soup Bowl

Designed For Daily Use 

Design is simple, minimal and effortless - not colorful or flashy!

A look that you don't grow tired of easily...

They are made using Traditional Yeoju Ceramic Techniques

This is why they have a natural Korean flair/design to them.

The height of the bowls are just right for eating comfortably...

...with smoothed surface/edges for a warm, vintage look!

Do you see the small dots?

 These are specks of iron that are found naturally in Korean White Clay (고백자).

It hardens as the ceramic gets blazed at high temperatures and provides a unique design!

Handmade Rice Bowl

12 cm x 7 cm 

Handmade Soup Bowl

15 cm x 7.5 cm 

Product Notice

These bowls are hand-made.

As such, there may be minor differences in size, color or design.

As well as minor blemishes, smudges or faint lines - these imperfections do not qualify the item as "damaged".


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About The Brand

Kitchen Style is a local Korean ceramics shop that specializes in kitchenware and lifestyle products. Their signature kitchenware is handmade by local artisans - premium quality & practical for everyday use.

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