[Yangpyeong Sanghwe] Fresh Korean Untoasted Perilla Oil - Pressed Monthly


[Yangpyeong Sanghwe] Fresh Korean Untoasted Perilla Oil - Pressed Monthly

Fresh Pressed, Every Month   

[Yangpyeong Sanghwe] Fresh Korean Untoasted Perilla Oil

Today, we introduce a premium perilla oil by Yangpyeong Sanghwe (양평상회).

This grain roaster is based in Yangpyeong (Korea) - and become famous in the region for its sesame & perilla oils.

Yangpyeong Sanghwe uses only high-quality perilla seeds that are grown in Korea - no imported seeds.

To maximize freshness & taste, only a limited amount of oil is pressed - on the 23rd of each month.

Check the label on the bottle.

You can verify the date that the oil was pressed - as well as the total batch size for that month.

Note: This is their untoasted perilla oil - which has a subtle, nutty flavor (much less nutty and aromatic than the toasted version).

Since the perilla seeds are not toasted, none of it's nutrition is lost via heat.

This healthy, untoasted oil contains the highest amount of Omega-3 fatty acids.

Drizzle it over salads, pasta and rice bowls - for a subtle layer of nutty flavor. 

If you have friends or family members who love to cook Korean recipes, this is a great food gift!

1 bottle contains 200ml.

Note: After opening, please store this untoasted perilla oil in the refrigerator!

Customer Reviews

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Taehee B. (Ontario, Canada)
Healthy cold pressed oil!

The cold pressed perilla oil is difficult to find for people who live overseas but it’s healthier than the toasted one because there’s more omega-3 fatty acids bioavailability. There’s a mild flavour to this so it’s good to add into your food raw (don’t cook)!

Product Highlights

  • Fresh Korean Untoasted Perilla oil - made with 100% Korea-grown perilla seeds 
  • Produced in limited quantity - pressed on the 23rd of every month 
  • 1 bottle contains 200ml
  • Works great as a food gift to homecooks!

Fresh Korean Perilla Oil (Untoasted) - Pressed Monthly

Korean Untoasted Perilla Oil

Made from 100% Korea-Grown Perilla Seeds

Size: 200ml

What does the label say?

"Fresh perilla oil is pressed on the 23rd of each month"

Pressing details are listed on the label:

(1) Indicates the date when the oil was pressed: Year / Month / Day

(2) Indicates specific bottle number

(3) Indicates total number of bottles made during that month

Nutrition Info

Ingredient list: 100% perilla seeds (Korea-grown)

Every 100ml contains 894 calories | 1 bottle contains 200ml

Every 100ml contains: Sodium 0mg (0%), Carbohydrates 1g (1%), Sugar 0g (0%), Fat 99g (194%), Transfat 0g (0%), Saturated Fats 7.17g (47.5%), Cholesterol 0mg (0%), Protein 0g (0%)

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